My Forever Friends

Every once in awhile I am going to dedicate a blog to photos. Sometimes photos say more than words.

This one is about my friends at Forever 21. I met most of them this past summer and they became some of my favorite people. I actually think I like them more than I like most of my other friends.

Full of Regrets

Everyone has regrets in life. If you don’t then I guess you are living your life to the fullest and if you do well join the club.

As I do all my lasts in college like my last home football game, last birthday in college, registering for classes for the last time and last Halloween in college, I start to think back to all the things I did in college but mostly all the things I didn’t do.

As I have only six months left of my college career, I realized I have two really big regrets that I am actually really mad I didn’t do. Now I have a lot of regrets some are very minor, but I have some were I really wish I did.

My first college regret is not studying abroad. I have always dreamed about traveling to England and I wanted to study abroad there but I never got the chance. I wanted to make it through my first actual year at Towson and then I got an apartment off campus and my dad told me that I wasn’t gonna pay for an apartment and not be there. Winter and summer breaks I had to make money. All of sudden I was preparing for my senior year of college and studying abroad wasn’t an option anymore. I am upset I never did. It is a regret I will always have and will have to live with. I hope when I graduate I can make money and travel to England myself without having to do the whole studying thing. I will get there one day.

My second regret I have is I made the wrong friends freshmen year and that I didn’t put myself out there more. I put these two together because in my opinion, they go together. The friends I made freshmen year are great, don’t get me wrong, but they haven’t gotten me anywhere. I spend weekend after weekend sitting at home, watching Netflix every Friday and Saturday night. Everyone else goes out to parties and bars. I feel like I didn’t make the right friends freshmen year that would invite me out to these things. Some of my friends are great and some not so. If you read my other blog post about friendship you would know about my one friend. All this is my fault as well. Which bring me to my other regret. I was and still kind of shy when talking to people. I usually keep to myself and I think that has hurt me in college. I wish I was more outgoing and made more or better friends in my first three years of college.

Now that I am a senior, I regret a few things but I think everyone regrets things in their life. I wish I had taken more chances, who knows what my life would be like right now. It all starts with taking that risk. I was always afraid of what could go wrong instead of what could go right. If I could go back and tell freshman me two things is would to be more outgoing and make more friends. I would also say, study abroad and experience something completely new.

“I don’t regret the things I have done. I just regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.”


The older I get, the more I realize who my real friends are.

For my first 22 years of life I have made friends and I have lost friends. There were some friends I never thought I would be friends with. There are some I thought I would be friends with forever.

Throughout my life I have always had friends. My first friend was my next door neighbor. She was a few months older than me but we always had tons of fun together. I don’t remember much about her because she moved away when I was four years old. We are not in touch anymore. The family that moved in after hers had a daughter that was close to my age as well. We became best friends. Her family was like my family. She also moved away. When she moved we still stayed touch. I would spend a week with her at her house and then she would come and spend a week at mine. But like most things in life, as we got older we grew apart. We didn’t talk much and saw little of each other. We did catch up a little over a year ago but not much as changed. We are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends but that is all.

In middle school I had a best friend. We lived near each other and sat next to each other on the bus. We would hang out all the time. We were great through middle school but then high school came along and then we grew apart. We would chat here and there but our best friend status was gone.

In high school I became best friends with someone else. We were best mates. Again things were great. We graduated  high school and went off to college. That is where things got hard. Her boyfriend and her broke up and she started to become more friends again with this people that she ditched when she was with her boyfriend. Now she always make sure she has time for them and never me. We are not even best friends anymore and it is sad because I thought we would be friends forever. Now I am only her friend when she wants me to be. I am the only one putting the effort into it. At first I cared, but now I don’t anymore. It is sad and hard but I had to rethink my friendship with her and I am done.

They say the friends you make in college are the friends you have for life. Well for some I hope that is true, and for others I hope I never see them again. My freshmen year of college I made some great friends. My one friend decided she didn’t want to come back to Towson. Now she has a whole new set of friends and we don’t talk at all. I guess we are not really friends anymore.

Last year I made a new friend. We actually have a lot in common and we have a lot of fun when we hang out. We also say how were we not friends before. We probably missed out on three years of friendship. I hope we are able to stay friends after college.

This past summer I made some great friends at Forever 21. They became some of my favorite people and even though they are younger than me, I hope we can all be friends forever.

Now about a friend who I don’t want to be friends with. From when I met her I thought she was strange but she was nice so it was cool. Now three years later I have lost my patience with her. As we got older age wise, she mentally hasn’t. She still acts like a kid and it is annoying. She also doesn’t think on her own and so much more but this blog isn’t about how much I can’t deal with her anymore. Moral of this story is, well Blair Waldorf said it best.


In 22 years I have gained so many friends and I have lost so many friends. It is sad because there are just some people who I thought would be in my life forever. Losing a friend you never thought you would is lose is sad. Having to rethink your friendship with someone is probably one of the worst things in the world. But yeah, people are going to come and go in your life and the true friends will be by your side no matter.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell


Welcome to my Blog!

Hey Guys, thanks for checking out my blog. Before I tell you about myself, I am going to tell you why I am starting this blog. I love to write. I started making blogs for a lot of my journalism classes and I thought they were fun to make. I decided I wanted to start my own blog just for me and for my life. I was going to wait till I graduated college and start my journal in the real world but honestly I can’t wait. I want to start my blog now. So now that you know why I started this blog, I am going to tell you about me.

My name is Ashley. I am a senior at Towson University studying Mass Communications. I am focusing on broadcast journalism and I have a minor is Electric Media and Film. I want to be the sideline reporter for the Baltimore Orioles. It is my dream job and has been ever since I was 14 years old. I want to have a career like Erin Andrews basically.

I am from New Jersey. When I am not at school in Maryland, I live with my parents, two younger sisters and my dog. My parents are the greatest. I know everyone says that about their parents but I really mean it about mine. My younger sisters are cool too. We are strange, weird and crazy but I love them no matter what.

My family.
Brooks and I

I also have the cutest dog. But before I talk about Andy, I am going to tell you about Brooks. Brooks was and is my best friend. I had Brooks for over nine and a half years before we had to put in down because he was sick. It was one of the hardest days of my life. Brooks was the best dog out there and will always be my best friend.

Andy and I

Now I have Andy. Andy is annoying, weird and smart. He one of the weirdest dogs I have ever seen but he is also one of the cutest.

Now some more about me. I love sports, hence the reason I want to get into reporting for sports. I am a huge Baltimore Orioles fans. I love the Indianapolis Colts and the North Carolina Tar Heels.

I love eating, sleeping, shopping and watching Netflix.

I want to travel one day. I really want to travel to England and basically most of Europe. One day I will but for now, the East Coast is where I will be until I can travel the world.

For more about me, you just got to wait to see what other posts I write.
That is all for now.
Wait I also love inspirational quotes.

“Everything happens for a reason.”