Where Did All the Respect Go?

I have definitely been enjoying my senior year of college, especially my last semester. This year I have been going uptown, which here is where all the bars are. Uptown is the place to be on a Friday and Saturday night, Thursday night if you are lucky enough to not have Friday classes or if you don’t care about class. I have lots of fun with my friends. We drink at someone’s apartment and then head uptown to dance.

Drinking and dancing, the two D’s. I am 22 so it is ok for me to drink and go to a bar.

I always have fun when I go uptown but I always find myself having to walk away or dance away from drunk guys. I know that is what the college bar scene is like but my question is when did it become ok for guys to just grab your waist and start grinding with you. Where did the all the respect go of asking to dance?

I always seem to find myself making awkward eye contact and staring around the bar just so I can keep an eye out for random guys trying to dance with me. I am not saying I don’t want to dance with a cute guy but sometimes I want to be asked.

I have had a few incidents where some random guy come up behind me and put his hands on my waist and start grinding with me. Didn’t ask, just felt like rubbing up against me. I do my dancing away move to get away because well he probably wasn’t cute and I just didn’t want to. Not every girl wants to dance with a drunk frat guy but just wants to dance with her friends and have fun.

I do give some props to the guys that do ask but when I say “no” I mean “no.” It doesn’t mean “put your hand on my butt and but walk away, I am not interested.”

Where did guys respecting women go? All drunk college guys want to go is find a hot girl and dance with her. Then they try to start making out with them. When you turn them down, a minute later they are making out with a new girl. I mean yeah that is college but for some, in just a few months they will be out in the real world and actual adults.

I don’t expect much from guys when I go out and I know I am not going to find my prince charming dancing on the wall at Dicky’s.

Also when did grinding become dancing. Yeah you are moving around but I am sure your butt up against someone’s crotch is not dancing, just saying.

Well until I find my prince charming, I will try and enjoy  drunk guy trying to dance with me cos I guess it means they think I am pretty.

“There’s no fear when you’re having fun.” – Will Thomas

Spring Break Which Means Seven Weeks Left.

It is finally Spring Break! This semester feels like it is taking forever but at the same time it is going by really fast.

With it being Spring Break, that also means I only have seven weeks left of college. Seven weeks and then I am out in the real world and I actually become an adult. It is terrifying and it is starting to hit me like now!

I have been calm and chill up until now. Everything is hitting me and I might cry. I am making lists on lists of what I need to do. I need to start applying to jobs, like real jobs.

Not only is there school to worry about but what if I don’t get a job, what if I graduate with no job offers and I have to move back home and work in retail. So much is going through my mind and I don’t know if I can handle it.

Some major mental breakdowns are about to come my way but at the same time I am about to be down with school for the rest of my life and it feels so good.

I am not going to worry and I am not going to freak out. Life does always seem to work out for me and I hope that continues as I apply for jobs, graduate and move on after graduation. I am going to be positive about everything and hope it works out for the best.

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life.”




A Letter To The Best Friend I’m Drifting Apart From

This letter could not be any more true. The only thing that is different is we are already in college and friendship is not the same it was in high school or even our freshmen year of college. It is sad to see a friendship end that I never thought would but growing up means moving on.

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Dear Best Friend,

I hope this letter finds you on a day that is filled with excitement for the future. You’re leaving for college and I could not be more thrilled for you.

I’m not sure if we’re as close as we were this time last year, but I understand that things have changed in our friendship, and that’s okay. We always hear about people losing touch with their best friends but never think it will happen to us. I’m not sure what exactly caused our subtle drift apart, though I believe the distance and lack of communication that began when I went off to school played a hand in it.

We go weeks – sometimes even months – without talking and I used to miss you so much when when that happened, but to be honest, it never seemed like you missed me. And because of that, I…

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California Dreaming.

Hey guys! So it has been awhile but I just got back from a wonderful vacation that was much needed. Last week I was in sunny California and it was amazing. I for sure didn’t want to come back home. I spent the week at my cousin’s house and got to hang out with her and her two little boys all week.

I am normally afraid of flying but I was really calm on the plane and everything went great. It was raining when we got there but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

Our first stop after being picked up from the airport was In-N-Out Burger. If you haven’t had it before well you are missing out.



We went to my cousin’s house and surprised my 5-year-old cousin when he walked in the door. He was so happy to see us. For the first two days all I did was color with Brady. I don’t think I ever colored that much before in my life. That night we went out for frozen yogurt.

Sunday it rained again but I went to the mall and Target. I think every mall should have a Target attached to it. I learned that Target sells alcohol there which is great. I watched the Colts game and drank beer with Mike.

The real vacation started Monday. On Monday I got a tour of Fox Sports in LA. It was amazing. I saw everything from the control rooms to the studio set. It was probably my favorite part of the trip. I saw and learned so much.

IMG_3115 IMG_3117 IMG_3120IMG_3119

On Tuesday I got to experience the LA life. I went to The Grove in Hollywood where apparently celebs go but I didn’t see any. The Grove was still awesome. They had a Farmers Market and the food was amazing.


Wednesday was Hollywood day. It was so much fun. Saw the Hollywood sign and was at the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping. Probably the closest I will ever get to big movie stars. After the taping I went to see Wicked. That was amazing as well. Hollywood was so beautiful at night with the lights. During the day we went to the Roosevelt Hotel and got drinks.

IMG_3151 IMG_3159 IMG_3166 IMG_3188

Thursday we went to Santa Monica. Again another beautiful day. The beach and the boardwalk.

IMG_3216 IMG_3217 IMG_3229









Last in California I went to Malibu. Again, beach and sunshine equals beautiful.

IMG_3257 IMG_3261









California was amazing and awesome and I wish I didn’t have to leave. I want to be back there everyday and I hope I can move out their after graduation.

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

I was pretty sure 2014 just started and now it is 2015. This past year went by so fast and so much as happened. Every year I keep a jar and put all the good things that happened to me. Sometimes the things I put in the jar are little and don’t seem like much to other people but at the time it made me happy and that is why it went in the jar.

2014 started out pretty good for the first two weeks. I got into my major, finally and it seemed like things were looking up. I went to New York City with my sisters and we went to all the different Gossip Girl locations. It was a blast. Then things took a turn. My account was hacked and someone spent over $100. I was then going a little broke.

IMG_1239 IMG_1256









But the worst was yet to come. My best friend Brooks got sick. My dog that was only 9 1/2 years old got sick and we had to put him to sleep. It was the saddest and hardest day of my life. My best friend was gone and I couldn’t do anything about it.


As 2014 went on, things got better. My internship was going great and I moved over to the broadcasting side. Baseball season started at Towson and that is went things got interesting.

Number 7 on the baseball team was perfect! He loved country music and baseball. I admired him for a distance or well from in the dugout. I am not proud of my actions sometimes but I went to Susq to eat just because of him. One day I let him take the last Chick-fil-la fries so we kind of spoke. But the biggest moment was when my friend gave him my phone number. That was stressful. He did text me but nothing happened between us. I am pretty sure baseball season is gonna be really awkward.

After losing my best friend, over summer we got a new puppy. His name is Andy and he is super cute. He is a pain in the neck but he still great. He is super smart too.


With summer meant another summer of hell at Forever 21. But this time things were different. This summer I made amazing friends and I hope to stay friends with them forever.


IMG_2257 IMG_2404









This summer, Jess and Tara came to visit me. It was a lot of fun. We went to Seaside, took a tour of the Jersey Shore House and rode Kingda Ka. It was a great time.


IMG_1914 IMG_1918






2014 was the start of my last school year. I started my senior year and well I am just waiting for it to end. All that aside, some first have happened like I went uptown with my friend for the first time. I love going to bars uptown, drinking and dancing. I experienced my last Towson football season which is both sad and happy.


Also in 2014, I got to watch the Orioles win the American League East. It was great to watch them win and see what my dad is always talking about. It was great.


I got to see Scotty McCreery in concert again. His concerts are always so much fun. And of course I got to meet Cody and Zach from Big Brother.

IMG_2586 IMG_2407 mezachandcody

2014 was great, it has it ups and downs and I am excited to see what 2015 has to offer. I already know to look forward to California and graduating but there is tons more stuff that is going to happen and I can’t wait to see what it brings. 2015 is going to be different and this time I will make sure of it.


“It is only those who never do anything who never make mistakes.” -A. Favre


Halfway There, Almost Done.

Just finished the fall semester of my senior year of college. I am halfway done with my college career. It is crazy to think that in five months I will graduate college and be out in the real world. It is really scary to think about but right now I am going to focus on what this fall semester has brought me and has also taught me.


College is full of making friends and losing friends. The closer I get to graduating the more I realize who my real friends are. I posted a blog about friendship earlier so this might be a little repeat if anyone has read it.


Throughout my college career I have made friends. Some friends left and went on to other schools and some stayed. I have made new friends as the years went on and hope to stay friends with them long after graduation. Some I can’t wait to get away from once I graduate.


Besides my college friends, I have friends back in Jersey. I call them my Forever 21 Friends. They made work this past summer bearable and I don’t know what I would have done without them.


But the main point of this friendship section of the blog is about moving on from friendships that I thought was going to last but it is time to be realistic. I am realizing I am not important to certain people anymore, which is fine because friends grow apart. The part that hurts the most is being considered a friend only when that person wants to be friends. Thinking you were best friends with someone when they never put the effort to spend time with you and rather hang out with other people who they ditched when they had a boyfriend. It hurts but I think doing the right thing is the hardest. So when 2015 hits, I am saying goodbye. Unfriend, unfollow and it would be like we were never friends but the truth is it has felt like that for awhile now anyway.



This past semester has been rough with both my bosses leaving. It has been stressful as well but I guess that is what the real world is going to be like. The past year and a half I have learned so much and I am excited to to take what I have learned out into the real world. I have one semester left and I am excited to see what I will learn and do.

Along with learning a lot, I have also made friends. Last year I made some great friends and they made spending hours filming boring women’s basketball games fun.


Towards the end of last year I made a new friend. It sucks that we became friends so late in our college career but knowing we are friends now means I can end my college career with a great new friend.



I think what I am most excited to only have one semester left is I never have to sit in a classroom again. I just can’t sit and listen to a professor talk and assign useless work when I learn more at my internship than sitting in a classroom.


Well I have one semester left of my college career and all the future will tell what next semester will bring. Pretty soon I will be applying for a big girl job and having to live on my own. It is kind of scary but I have another semester of college to help me prepare for it.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Goodbye Nick Markakis!

Like I said before in my first blog, I am a huge Baltimore Orioles fan. The offseason is all hard for me because one, there is no baseball and two, players that I have grown to love and have felt like family either get traded or sign with another team.

Recently the Orioles have lost two players. One was Nelson Cruz. I am only going to say little about Cruz because he was only on the team for one season but he is still gonna be missed. He signed with the Seattle Mariners.

Now the second player is Nick Markakis. Yesterday he signed a 4-year contract with the Atlanta Braves. Nick was with the Orioles for so long and he felt like family. I know it sounds weird calling him family but when you watch as many games as I do and put so much love into the team, they feel like family to me.

I am going to miss Nick a lot. He was the last person that was connected to Brian Roberts who was my favorite player.

Nick Markakis was a great player and I am truly going to miss him as a person and a player.

I am mad at the Orioles as well. I might not know the whole story about why he signed with the Braves and not the Orioles but for now I am upset and mad.

nick markakis



How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

I couldn’t agree more.

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Erin KellyErin Kelly

Understand that life is not a straight line. Life is not a set timeline of milestones. It is okay if you don’t finish school, get married, find a job that supports you, have a family, make money, and live comfortably all by this age, or that age. It’s okay if you do, as long as you understand that if you’re not married by 25, or a Vice President by 30 — or even happy, for that matter — the world isn’t going to condemn you. You are allowed to backtrack. You are allowed to figure out what inspires you. You are allowed time, and I think we often forget that. We choose a program right out of high school because the proper thing to do is to go straight to University. We choose a job right out of University, even if we didn’t love our program, because we just…

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Sweet Life of Zach and Cody

On Friday November 28th, I had the opportunity to meet Zach Rance and Cody Calafiore from Big Brother 16 at iPlay America. It was amazing. They were so funny and so cute. They were super nice as well.


First we watched a little show they put on and answered questions. Both Cody and Zach took off their shirts. It was so funny and I had a great time. They talked about Big Brother, their friendship and how they are both “very single.”

IMG_2933 IMG_2953








After the show, my sisters and I waited two hours to meet them. While we were waiting, we saw Cody’s mom, dad, brother, brother’s girlfriend and his sister. We also saw Zach’s little brother too. As we got closer, Cody’s dad came walking around and was letting everyone know to have their phones ready to take a selfie with them.

We got closer and went behind the curtain. I was before my sisters so I walked up to them. I said “hi” to Cody first and we hugged. Then I hugged Zach and he asked me what my name was. It was awesome. We took the picture and then Zach took the selfie. It was amazing. They give great hugs.



It was a great day that I will never forget.