Where Did All the Respect Go?

I have definitely been enjoying my senior year of college, especially my last semester. This year I have been going uptown, which here is where all the bars are. Uptown is the place to be on a Friday and Saturday night, Thursday night if you are lucky enough to not have Friday classes or if you don’t care about class. I have lots of fun with my friends. We drink at someone’s apartment and then head uptown to dance.

Drinking and dancing, the two D’s. I am 22 so it is ok for me to drink and go to a bar.

I always have fun when I go uptown but I always find myself having to walk away or dance away from drunk guys. I know that is what the college bar scene is like but my question is when did it become ok for guys to just grab your waist and start grinding with you. Where did the all the respect go of asking to dance?

I always seem to find myself making awkward eye contact and staring around the bar just so I can keep an eye out for random guys trying to dance with me. I am not saying I don’t want to dance with a cute guy but sometimes I want to be asked.

I have had a few incidents where some random guy come up behind me and put his hands on my waist and start grinding with me. Didn’t ask, just felt like rubbing up against me. I do my dancing away move to get away because well he probably wasn’t cute and I just didn’t want to. Not every girl wants to dance with a drunk frat guy but just wants to dance with her friends and have fun.

I do give some props to the guys that do ask but when I say “no” I mean “no.” It doesn’t mean “put your hand on my butt and but walk away, I am not interested.”

Where did guys respecting women go? All drunk college guys want to go is find a hot girl and dance with her. Then they try to start making out with them. When you turn them down, a minute later they are making out with a new girl. I mean yeah that is college but for some, in just a few months they will be out in the real world and actual adults.

I don’t expect much from guys when I go out and I know I am not going to find my prince charming dancing on the wall at Dicky’s.

Also when did grinding become dancing. Yeah you are moving around but I am sure your butt up against someone’s crotch is not dancing, just saying.

Well until I find my prince charming, I will try and enjoy  drunk guy trying to dance with me cos I guess it means they think I am pretty.

“There’s no fear when you’re having fun.” – Will Thomas