Goodbye Nick Markakis!

Like I said before in my first blog, I am a huge Baltimore Orioles fan. The offseason is all hard for me because one, there is no baseball and two, players that I have grown to love and have felt like family either get traded or sign with another team.

Recently the Orioles have lost two players. One was Nelson Cruz. I am only going to say little about Cruz because he was only on the team for one season but he is still gonna be missed. He signed with the Seattle Mariners.

Now the second player is Nick Markakis. Yesterday he signed a 4-year contract with the Atlanta Braves. Nick was with the Orioles for so long and he felt like family. I know it sounds weird calling him family but when you watch as many games as I do and put so much love into the team, they feel like family to me.

I am going to miss Nick a lot. He was the last person that was connected to Brian Roberts who was my favorite player.

Nick Markakis was a great player and I am truly going to miss him as a person and a player.

I am mad at the Orioles as well. I might not know the whole story about why he signed with the Braves and not the Orioles but for now I am upset and mad.

nick markakis