Full of Regrets

Everyone has regrets in life. If you don’t then I guess you are living your life to the fullest and if you do well join the club.

As I do all my lasts in college like my last home football game, last birthday in college, registering for classes for the last time and last Halloween in college, I start to think back to all the things I did in college but mostly all the things I didn’t do.

As I have only six months left of my college career, I realized I have two really big regrets that I am actually really mad I didn’t do. Now I have a lot of regrets some are very minor, but I have some were I really wish I did.

My first college regret is not studying abroad. I have always dreamed about traveling to England and I wanted to study abroad there but I never got the chance. I wanted to make it through my first actual year at Towson and then I got an apartment off campus and my dad told me that I wasn’t gonna pay for an apartment and not be there. Winter and summer breaks I had to make money. All of sudden I was preparing for my senior year of college and studying abroad wasn’t an option anymore. I am upset I never did. It is a regret I will always have and will have to live with. I hope when I graduate I can make money and travel to England myself without having to do the whole studying thing. I will get there one day.

My second regret I have is I made the wrong friends freshmen year and that I didn’t put myself out there more. I put these two together because in my opinion, they go together. The friends I made freshmen year are great, don’t get me wrong, but they haven’t gotten me anywhere. I spend weekend after weekend sitting at home, watching Netflix every Friday and Saturday night. Everyone else goes out to parties and bars. I feel like I didn’t make the right friends freshmen year that would invite me out to these things. Some of my friends are great and some not so. If you read my other blog post about friendship you would know about my one friend. All this is my fault as well. Which bring me to my other regret. I was and still kind of shy when talking to people. I usually keep to myself and I think that has hurt me in college. I wish I was more outgoing and made more or better friends in my first three years of college.

Now that I am a senior, I regret a few things but I think everyone regrets things in their life. I wish I had taken more chances, who knows what my life would be like right now. It all starts with taking that risk. I was always afraid of what could go wrong instead of what could go right. If I could go back and tell freshman me two things is would to be more outgoing and make more friends. I would also say, study abroad and experience something completely new.

“I don’t regret the things I have done. I just regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.”


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